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Trio to be Charged in the Death of Jessica Itch

We first reported on Sunday about the violence that resulted in the death of twenty-three-year-old Jessica Itch. The Director of Public Prosecutions is awaiting the results of her autopsy to determine what charges will be levied but police are getting ready to charge Itch’s husband, Albert Choc and her sisters-in-law and her husband’s lover: Alberta Choc, Petronilla Bull and Maria Chun, all residents of Armenia Village in Cayo. Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to the Commissioner, who was also in Dangriga today, for an update.
Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:I saw the results of the post mortem and I think it says that she died from pulmonary hepatitis or something of that sort and so we still need to send the file to the DPP for the DPP to determine because even though the cause of death may not be as a result of injurie sustained during the beating if it is that the DPP were to find that the actions of these persons contributed to the person dying from what the person died from then the issue of causation would come into play and so then they can still be charged not for murder but perhaps manslaughter. So the file is being prepared with the post mortem results and that will be forwarded to the DPP’s office or the DPP’s representative in order for a determination to be made as to whether or not we proceed with charge in respect to the death of the young lady.”

As we reported, Itch lodged a complaint to police that all four beat her up on Friday and she died on Saturday night in Las Flores at her mother’s home.