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Trio Village Farmers, Ya’Ache and the Five C’s

Farmers in Trio Village have found a way to work with their environment to improve their lives. The Ya’Axche Conservation Trust received assistance from the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center to assist the farmers.  The organization helped the farmers secure land, donated cacao seedlings to them and provided them with technical advice and training support to grow climate resilient crops. Dr. Mark Bynoe, the Head of the Project Development and Management Unit of the 5 C’s explains what the project is about:


Trio Village Farmer Isabel Rash shares that the initiative is an investment in the future of his children.


The project is also benefiting women farmers who could not pursue a formal education. The project gives them an income earning opportunity. Cordelia Cabnal and Ercilia Cholom spoke about their beekeeping business.



Executive Director of the Ya’Axche Conservation Trust, Christina Garcia says the members have been waiting for access to land for some years now. And now that they have it, Ya’Axche has observed full commitment from the farmers.


The Ya’Axche farmers received a land concession of a 936 lease from the Forestry Department allowing them to do agroforestry within the Maya Mountain Forest Reserve. The acres have been divided into sub plots for organic cacao farming and the concession includes an annual crop section for vegetables, plantain and honey harvesting. The project impacts an estimated 200 farmers. As annual crops such as bananas, beans, and plantains are being harvested, cacao planting could be increased by 25,000 to ensure farmers have a sustainable income.