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Trio’s Attempt to Escape Police Fizzles

Orange Walk Police have charged three men for drug trafficking. They are nineteen year old Alberto Vargas, thirty two year old Junior Triminio, and nineteen year old Jose Medina, all believed to be from Orange Walk Town. The three men were detained on Friday afternoon as they were making their way through Trail Farm Village with more than four thousand grams of cannabis. Officers attempted to intercept the vehicle but the men in the vehicle realized that police were on to them and they sped off through San Martin Street. Fortunately for police, that is a dead end street. At the end of the street, the grey SUV was seen stuck in high grass and the trio were making their last attempt to evade arrest. Police say they saw one of the men throw a black bag as he was running.  They were eventually captured and the bag was recovered. Inside the bag police found five parcels of cannabis labeled with the letters, AG on it. The drugs amounted to a total of four thousand eight hundred and fifty grams. The three men were arraigned this morning in Orange Walk Court and they all met bail.