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Trips to the Cayes more expensive by boat?

Heading to the Cayes will become a bit more expensive and those who travel there regularly are not too happy with the price hike. Love News received reports that one of the main water taxi operators increased the round-trip fare to San Pedro from 56 to 82 dollars – an increase of about 32 percent! Who approved the increase? The Belize Ports Authority. Our newsroom confirmed this increase when we spoke to Ports Commission, Major H. Gilbert Swaso today.

Major Retired H Gilbert Swaso, Ports Commissioner: “The Belize Port Authority have authorized respective licensed water taxi operators an increase in the passenger fare. So for example the one that I have currently in front of me the one way fare effective July 2021 to present the authorized passenger fare for San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi was at the time $25 one way and now as June 1, 2022 the authorized one way is $31 – that is from San Pedro to Caye Caulker as an example. The single voyage  from Belize to San Pedro the one way was $35 and the round trip at that time was $56 and now the one way is now authorized, not the round trip but the single voyage is authorized to be at $41 specific for Belize San Pedro Express.”

 While there has been an approved increase, the cost of fuel plays an important factor in the price you pay. That’s because included in the price is a surcharge, which is dependent on the price of fuel. In other words, if there’s a drop in the price, the cost of the fare will likely fall. Major Swaso explained that the price structure now was approved by Cabinet following appeals by key players in the industry.

Major Retired H Gilbert Swaso, Ports Commissioner:  “Belize Port Authority undertook to formulate a formula where we came up with a fuel surcharge which includes among others things like the route, the distance of that specific route, the fuel consumption we took those into consideration and then looked at the fluctuation of fuel and then established what is now a fuel surcharge. So simply put now that after this date if the fuel should be reduced then the Port Authority will authorize a decrease passenger fare for the respective water taxi operators so that then the commuter benefits from the decrease in fuel prices.”