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Trivia Challenge

The Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is celebrating Coastal Awareness Week. As a part of its week of activities, it is holding a trivia challenge for primary school children in Belize City.  The Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts is the venue for the trivia challenge, which takes place tomorrow. Love news spoke with Samir Rosado, the Coastal Planner at the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute who said that the Coastal Zone is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with several activities aim at spreading awareness about coastal issues.  

Samir Rosado Coastal Planner: “The Trivia challenge is actually one of our key activities for Coastal awareness week. It’s geared towards primary school students, particularly the primary schools within Belize City. This year we got eleven schools to compete and what the schools did they carried out their own eliminations within the schools themselves and the winner from that elimination will go into this competition against other schools. As I mentioned we have eleven schools including: All Saints, Belize Elementary, Westley Upper School, St. Joseph School, St. John’s Vianney, Queen Square, St. Martins, Holy Redeemer, St. Ignatius, St. Mary’s and St. Luke. There will be three rounds, the first round of course will be with all eleven students and they will each get five questions each. After the first round we will tally the scores and only five will make it onto the second round and we will repeat the process. Each individual will get five questions and then we will narrow it down to three in our third round and who ever wins in that round well of course is the winner of the competition.”

Rosado explained that the first place winner will receive five hundred dollars and a tablet, the second place winner will receive three hundred dollars and a tablet, and the third place winner will receive two hundred dollars and a school bag.