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Tropical Mermaid Retreat Coming to Belize

With reports of tourist arrivals reaching record figures in Belize and with various marketing strategies being implemented by the Belize Tourism Board, an upcoming event scheduled to take place in Belize is expected to bring even more visitors to the country.  According to an online report by Houston Style Magazine, a tropical mermaid retreat is being planned for Caye Caulker from February 4 through to the 9th.  It is a 5-day event that entails professional underwater photography at the Belize Barrier Reef as well as mermaid-themed yoga classes and night time mermaid events.  The proceeds of the function will go the elementary school on the island, Belize Ocean Academy.  The event is a production of SIRENALIA which is a company based in Austin, Texas, USA.  According to the article, tickets have already been sold out for the event and plans for an event in the latter part of 2016 are already underway.