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Troubles Brew in the North for PUP

The last bit of news we brought to you on the People’s United Party and the inner workings of the blue and white tent was that there were changes being made to the National Executive.  Cordel Hyde was installed as one of the deputy party leaders while Ramon ‘Munchi’ Cervantes was stripped of his post as Treasurer.  That is the move that is reportedly causing waves in the north and has left a bitter taste in the mouths of Cervantes’ supporters.  Love News understands that when some in Orange Walk North heard that Munchi was taken off the executive, they were prepared to riot and take their cane trucks in front of Party Leader’s John Briceno house as a form of protest on what was done to Cervantes.  Our source tells us, however, that Cervantes had managed to calm them down and as an alternative the Executive Committee for Orange Walk North had opted to write a letter to the PUP’s Chairman, Henry Usher. The letter is dated April 7, 2016 and reads, quote, “We, the PUP Executive Committee of Orange Walk North, hereby condemn the unilateral and unconstitutional removal of our candidate, Mr Ramon Cervantes by the Party Leader from the post of Treasurer of the People’s United Party.  Article 15 (1) of the PUP constitution states that the national convention shall be the supreme authority of the PUP.  We remind you that Mr Cervantes was duly and constitutionally elected by the national convention as Treasurer of our party and he was not even given appropriate time to act in such capacity.  Moreover, we are dismayed at the fact that Mr Cervantes was not even allowed the time to consult properly with the people and the executive committee fo Orange Walk North before he makes a decision.  We view this as an egregious breach of our constitution and as a blatant act of disrespect towards the people of Orange Walk North of whom more than three thousand voted for him.  For the greater good of our beloved party, we demand that if the removal of Mr Cervantes is so desired, that it should be done constitutionally and respectfully, so as to foster the unity of our party which so much needed to win the next election.”  End of quote.  The letter was signed primarily by the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Elmer Novelo and was accompanied by twenty three other signatures.  The letter was copied to Party Leader, John Briceno and the Secretary General, Linsford Castillo.