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More troubles at the Southern Regional Hospital?

A 25-year-old woman of Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek District, is listed as critical and has been diagnosed with dengue.  The woman was taken into the Southern Regional Hospital at about two o’clock this morning after she was throwing up blood and running a high fever.  Shortly after, she was told that they cannot care for her there and she would have to be transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  That is where the problem began as there was no transportation available to do the transfer.  Love News spoke with the woman’s mother, Michelle Gabb, who explained the ordeal they went through today.

Michelle Gabb, Concerned Mother: “What happened was she came here with Dengue, she came about 2 o’clock in the morning and she’s here taking treatment. Now they realized that she was getting worse so they said that we have to take her to Belize. First they said she was going on a plane, they said the plane wasn’t working so they were going to take her in the ambulance. When they decided on the ambulance they ambulance wasn’t working either I don’t know what’s going on and they had to send for an ambulance from Independence Village which isn’t here yet and it’s almost two hours- I don’t know what is wrong. We really need some help things like this we need to stop it’s not only us that needs this help right now there are other people that will need this very help right here. Somebody really needs to do something. It was like 2 o’clock. What happened was they took her in a boat to Independence from Sein Bight and the ambulance was there waiting so she got into the ambulance from Mango Creek and they took her to the hospital here and from since then to now this is what is happening. I mean what I’m saying she she should have left this hospital already for the better treatment that they were saying but there is no transportation to take her. This shouldn’t be happening somebody needs to help with this type of situation, this needs to stop.”

Our newsroom followed up on this story and contacted the hospital’s administrator, Franelda Gutierrez.  According to Gutierrez, they had contacted the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) to transport the patient via aircraft. BERT was reportedly unable to do so as their aircraft was out for maintenance.  From this point it became a matter of no one taking blame.  According to Andre Carrillo, BERT’s Executive Director, they are not the only ones responsible for the transportation of patients.

Andre Carrillo, Executive Director, BERT: We fly visual flight rules which means we can only fly day time. We received the call during the day, we received the call daytime hours however the air plane was being inspected as per routine maintenance. As per the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules the air plane must be inspected every 25,50 and 100 hours. This airplane was being inspected for 100 hours flight time and so it was down for an inspection only that is the reason the airplane was unavailable. My understanding is the Ministry of Health does have the facility to call in Maya or Tropic Air which is the next course of action when our airplane is unavailable.”

Carillo added that had the hospital moved in a timely manner, BERT could have arranged ground transportation since the patient was at the SRH since 2am.  The woman was taken to the KHMH just after one o’clock this afternoon where she remains critical.  According to the mother, they are in need of O-positive blood.