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Trucker charged for death of Daniel Urbina

One man has been charged for the death of 25-year-old Daniel Urbina. Urbina was killed in a traffic incident around three o’clock on Saturday morning. Inspector Ferrufino told the media today that while their investigations show that Urbina collided into the oncoming vehicle, there were other factors that have led to charges being levied on the other driver.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino: “Orange Walk Police visited Miles 42 and Mile 43 on the Northern Highway. There they observed a Toyota Hilux with an Orange Walk license plate with extensive damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle. Inside the driver’s side of that vehicle was  the motionless body of Daniel Ian Urbina, a 26 year old student of Palmar Village Orange Walk. Initial investigation from Police is that the vehicle collided into another truck, a white GMC ten wheeler which was carrying a structure of a house. It was traveling to Belize City and the vehicle in which Mr. Urbina was in, was traveling to Orange Walk and his vehicle collided into the outer side of the building that was being transported and he sustained multiple head and body injuries and died on the scene. Since then police have arrested and charged the driver of the other vehicle the ten wheeler and that would be Mr. Ever Uk a 25 year old driver of Guinea Grass Village. He has been charged or was charged for the crime of causing death by careless conduct and driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention.”

Reporter: You said that the investigation show that it was the other driver who collided or crashed into this vehicle carrying the house or structure so why then would this driver be charged?

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino: “I believe that the investigation has yielded that because of certain measures that had to be in place for that vehicle travelling with that building; those measures were not adhered to therefore putting the burden on the other driver.”

Reporter: That would be lighting measures?

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino: “Exactly there are several measures that are to be used when conveying these structures and I think persons who are dealing with these types of movements should be aware of that. I think that there should be adequate lighting on that structure. A lead vehicle should be in place so that people know that it is large structure that is coming and they should be cautious when approaching the vehicle.”

The driver of the truck, Ever Hosmel Uk, of Guinea Grass Village was charged for manslaughter by negligence, caused death by careless conduct, drove without due care and attention and contravention to road service permit.  Uk appeared before in Orange Walk Magistrate court and was offered bail of six thousand dollars. His case has been adjourned to June 11.