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Trustees of Public Sector Workers Monies Taken to Court

Around the end of July last year, there was over five million dollars in the Public Sector Workers Trust account.  That amount was the compensation amassed over a two year period due to frozen increments by Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel back in the nineties.  Esquivel had given public officers some shares in Belize Telemedia Limited in lieu of their increments.  It was announced last year that the monies would have been used for projects and proposals submitted by the current and retired public officers.  It has been about sixteen months now and there has been no undertaking of projects with those monies and with that some members are taking the matter to court.  Sheila Genitty is the Chair of the Adhoc Committee representing more than six hundred public officers whose increments were frozen.



The eight hundred thousand shares in BTL were given back in 1995, as we mentioned, under the Esquivel administration.  With the trustees not putting the money to work as was agreed to, the committee has filed a lawsuit against the trustees asking the court to decide how the money should be spent.




Love News understands that the trustees are Ray Davis, Nadia Caliz, Philip Castillo and Enrique Iglesias representing the PSU, BNTU,Nurses Association of Belize, the BDF and the Belize Police Association.