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Turkey Commits Funds to the OAS Peace Fund for Belize and Guatemala

The Organization of American States has been at the centre of the negotiations between Belize and Guatemala but of recent, there were serious concerns that the OAS may have to pull out as their funding was on the verge of being depleted.  In an effort to keep them in office at the adjacency zone, both Belize and Guatemala were making efforts in getting funding from international parties, particularly the Group of Friends.  Love News has recently learnt that in addition to a commitment from Mexico in mid-March of this year, the administration in Turkey has committed to giving two hundred thousand dollars toward the operations of the OAS at the Adjacency Zone.  Noteworthy is that Turkey is not one of the twenty two countries that make up the Group of Friends.  The Group of Friends was established in the confidence building measures that were adopted by Belize and Guatemala in 2003 and it consists of a group of 22 countries, 22 members and observing states that provide political and financial support to the process. They provide advice to the Secretary General and they also provide financial contributions to maintain the office in the Adjacency Zone and the political process going.