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Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan City

Twelve surveillance cameras for Belmopan

surveillance system, Mayor Khalid Belisle

Belmopan Police have embarked on a project that will see multiple surveillance cameras strategically placed around that municipality.  According to Mayor Khalid Belisle, they are looking to start with about a dozen cameras in hotspot areas.

Kalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan City: “I learned at a meeting last week that the local police formation down there in Belmopan is actually mimicking something that is currently in place in San Ignacio I’m told it’s called the switch system where the CCTV cameras are going to be installed. Our local OC Iche in Belmopan informed me that they were looking at installing twelve cameras, that meeting was a part of a bigger gathering so I didn’t get to get into specifics with him but it sounds like we’ll have twelve cameras that will be monitored by the police directly. Over the past three weeks to a month or so I have actually met with reps from Digi twice now to look at what would initially be a pilot project for surveillance monitoring in one particular neighborhood of the city so that we can see how that works out, the costs involved, the effectiveness of it and decide if it’s something that we as a council want to take on for widespread use throughout more of the city.”

The surveillance system is similar to one currently in place in San Ignacio Town.  Belize City Police had also installed eleven cameras around the city back in May 2017.  It is uncertain what benefits have been gained as they relate to arrests and convictions.