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Twenty-Five Point Five Bales of Cocaine Go Up in Flames

It was eleven days ago that the Police Department cordoned off an area in the Mountain Pine Ridge Area where a narco-plane crash landed and was subsequently burnt. Within a 48-hour period the Police were able to find the plane’s cargo of twenty-five point five bales of cocaine. Early this morning, just before sunrise a convoy of vehicles carrying witnesses and members of the Police Department traveled to an undisclosed location where the drugs were destroyed. Leading the destruction was Assistant Commissioner of Police, Alford Grinage.

ACP Alford Grinage, Commander of Operations , Belize Police Department: “We escorted the drugs to that location after which the drugs was destroyed in the presence of the witnesses. You know we usually do it in the presence of the JP, the Magistracy, also the Scenes of Crime and the Forensic personnel police officers present and the prosecution section. It all went well. All the drugs were destroyed. Upon reaching the location all the drugs that was found initially was shown to the witnesses after which each parcel was taken out of the bags, they were presented to the forensic personnel who take samples. You were there at the location where you see samples was taken to ensure that the product that is in the package is the same drugs that was found and after that it was cut and thrown into fire so that it could be destroyed. This is a small dent in the drug world but it’s significant for us because that is drugs that will not be going back for consumption by the public. So that was significant for us as well as we have disclosed local persons who are involved in drug trafficking including one of our own who has been charged for this offence as well. So it’s a significant find for us. You know drugs is something that everybody would want. It costs a lot, it’s money and we can’t take chances to say that the cartels will not come and try to reclaim their product so it’s very good for us to keep it as a secret as much as possible. I don’t know how much secret it is but we’ll try to do our best at all times to ensure that that is continued. I believe the cartels do need persons from our end, national security officers, in order for them to carry out these missions so it won’t be the first nor the last.”

ACP Grinage was at the helm of the operations in the Mountain Pine Ridge. He coined the search as tedious but successful. The senior cop also spoke on new radars that the department will be receiving soon.

ACP Alford Grinage, Commander of Operations, Belize Police Department: “It takes a lot and as you know before I was leading that team that was searching for the drugs in the Hidden Valley. It was a tremendous task that we had to go through but we knew that we had to come up with the drugs and we knew that those persons were involved and we had to prove to the public that we have evidence upon these people so it was key that we found the drugs so it was a success for the department and the wider public.”

Reporter: A few weeks ago the Prime Minister said that come middle of next year you guys are going to get a radar, how will that assist the police department ? 

ACP Alford Grinage, Commander of Operations, Belize Police Department:  “Well it will assist us greatly because during the time I was the director of JIOC  we had ground based radar and I could tell you that the tracking was easier for us during that time because we more have an accurate location of where the plane might go versus now it’s different. I don’t want to go into much details because we’ll be disclosing our weaknesses and other things but if we do get the radar it will help us tremendously.”

With the court case against the seven men still pending to go to trial, a few teaspoons of the cocaine had to be extracted and kept as evidence for the court trial. Love News understands that the amount for evidence is insignificant as it normally weighs less than one ounce.