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Twenty students awarded scholarships from Belize Telemedia Limited

Twenty students from a across the country were today awarded educational scholarships from Belize Telemedia Limited. Those twenty students are not part of the five hundred and ninety nine that BTL has assisted in furthering their education. The scholarship is all inclusive.

Melanie Martinez – Senior PR, BTL

This year marks the 24th year that we are having this scholarship reception so 24 and counting. This year as in any other year we had quite a number of applications, over 200 or so. The process is that we normally send these applications country wide to all the primary schools and so we get in quite a number back in return and here today representing twenty of the top recipients with a four year high school scholarship which is all inclusive, tuition, book fees and if they need to we offer tutoring lessons. We have had the opportunity to sit down in those interview sessions and what we look for is recipients who first of all have the need for the financial assistance and we look for performance as well when it comes to their PSE results and the last three years performance of their primary school standards 4,5 and six. It’s always a tough decision based on their stories. We get that opportunity to share or listen. It’s never easy I can tell you that from time to time tears are shed in those interview sessions, it gets so personal and it’s never easy hand picking twenty out of 200 plus applications so the process is always heart wrenching but it’s rewarding because it’s those students who have demonstrated their academic performance and excellence and who have expressed or who we feel financially would be the best suitable applicants. Scholarship recipients are required to pass their four years, once they repeat a class then we no longer offer to them the same privileges as a full scholarship so performance is kept for every applicant. They must have a seventy average or more it is dependent on what the school requirement is that they are attending and like I said we offer tutoring so for those students who have difficulty with a class, a specific subject we would get a teacher or someone who offers tutoring to give them that one on one assistance that they need so we do our part to ensure that they pass.”