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Twenty-Two Persons completed an Audio Training

Last week, twenty-two persons successfully completed a live audio training course. The course ran for five months and it was facilitated by Whitfield Welch, audio engineer at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City.

Whitfield Welch

“We went through everything pertaining to a sound system. It starts with the source which will be like a microphone, a keyboard, how to get the sound from those from the source into the mixing console, what you do with the mixing console and rerouted the signal to the different sources; which will be like to the front of house – which will be for the audience and then we have to do the monitor mixing which will be for the musicians on stage. We did monitor mixing in the sense of that there were 20 monitor mixes on stage the sound people that were trained all knew that there were 20 mixes that they had to do on stage for the different musicians so they went through that as a part of the training. The first part is to let them understand audio so I gave them a course. The first part of the course was about audio, understanding what the characteristics were and it started with the sound wave. So I broke down the sound wave for them and I taught them all the stuff that has to do with the sound wave. I also taught them that what we are teaching is about the human hearing. In real life, we know that the human being is supposed to be hearing from 20Hz which is the lowest to 20,000Hz or 20 KHz which is the highest note that we can hear. After teaching that then I started to break down the rest of the course to them.”

This is the third year that Welch is conducting the course.