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Twenty-two year old Belizean-American found soldier found dead in South Korea

The US Army is investigating the passing of a 2nd Infantry Division soldier who was found dead at Camp Humphreys earlier this week in Seoul, South Korea. The deceased is a Belizean national, 22 year old Adrienne Barillas. Barillas had been assigned to the 11th Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade at the base since November, 2017.She was found unresponsive on Sunday and was consequently pronounced dead by emergency personnel.  Her death is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Command. Love News spoke to her father, Carlos Michael Barillas in Punta Gorda. She was recently in Belize on holiday and Barillas said the cause of his daughter’s death is still unknown.

Carlos Michael Barillas: “We haven’t gotten any information other than what you guys are putting out. Yeah what happened, this is not to confirm anything. There is an investigation going on with it and until they give us the information then we will know exactly what is what. It is a fact that she has passed but there is nothing else that was winded to us by the U.S. Military. We don’t have any facts, we don’t have anything with it and you know its a process of speaking a while and you know you would love to have your loved one as soon as possible you know but the Military doesn’t do that. They carry out a through investigation so that is where we are at with it. We don’t have no further information at this time to go with.”

Adrienne Barillas arrived in South Korea about six months after joining the military as a water treatment specialist.  While in the army, Barillas had earned the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.