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Two acquitted for drug trafficking

After 2 years of awaiting trial for drug trafficking, Pastor Mark Humes and 18-year-old Michael Nugen were acquitted of the charge of drug trafficking over 10 pounds of weed.  The trial, which was part-heard continued yesterday in the late evening and this morning, a ruling was handed down by Magistrate Michelle Trapp in which she outlined the factors she took into consideration in acquitting the duo. On paper the police had a strong case to convict if not two, one of the accused which would have more than likely been Nugen since he had initially taken ownership of a blue and yellow suitcase in which the drugs were found.  However, the case fell apart when the first police witness, PC Benguche made serious errors in his testimony. He gave the wrong date for the bust stating it was in April of 2017 when the bust was made on June 30, 2017.  He also gave the wrong description for the parcels, stating that the items were found in a black bag when it was actually found in transparent bags. Both were represented by Attorney Herbert Panton.