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Two adults dead and two infants injured in north side shooting

Two infants were shot and their parents killed last night in the Kings Park Area of Belize City. Around 10pm, 27-year-old Phillip Leslie was with his girlfriend, 31-year-old Shakira White, at their home at the corner of 6th and Landivar Streets when a gunman fired a barrage of shots through their bedroom window.

Leslie was killed immediately, while White died while receiving treatment. White’s two children, 4-year-old Dominique Rhamdas and 2-year-old Dasha Rhamdas, were also taken to the hospital. Dominique is in a critical condition while Dasha is stable. White’s aunt, Andrea Blease, stated that she never expected gun violence to affect her family.

Andrea Blease, Aunt of Shakira White: “I was upstairs when I heard ten shots. It was very loud. I was at the dinner table eating and when I heard it the only thing I could have done was to get my kids off the bed and get them down to the ground. I knew Shakira was moaning, she was lying beside Mr.Leslie and her two kids on the bed. At the beginning they were crying and then they went silent. Dominique is four years old, he received four shots. When they brought him out first he was unconscious. Dasha is two years old, she received a gunshot to the knee she’s okay, just receiving treatment. Shakira received seventeen shots, Mr.Leslie received twenty. Dominique already went through surgery and is still fighting for his life. It was a sudden thing, the gunman just came and started shooting at the window. First I didn’t think it was my house, when I heard it I thought it was someone outside that got shot on the street and when my gentleman told me that it’s downstairs that is when I started to panic because why would someone come and shoot our house and we have been living here for many years and this had never happened to us before so I was very shocked because my niece is not a problem person, Mr.Leslie is not a problem person he works and makes his living; she is a mom, she stays at home. She takes her son to school and comes back and stays here all day. She is an amazing mother, an amazing aunt and sister, she is very wonderful, very kind and all he did was take away a good woman from his kids. Mr.Leslie and her were very happy, they were a very nice couple, a very happy couple, always smiling, always playing.”

Leslie had moved in with White about two or three months ago. His father, Paladin Leslie, was in disbelief that his son would be murdered in such a heinous way. According to him, Leslie tried his best to take care of his step-children.

Paladin Leslie, Father of Deceased: “He didn’t deserve to die like this because he’s a hard working young man and he was always committed to what he does and he liked what he did and he liked to sell food and he chose to do pizza at St.Joseph School. Whenever he is finished off from St.Joseph School he would go across to All Saints School and finish off his pizza. On weekends Saturday and Sunday he sells paletas for Mr.Williams back in the days it used to be Blade’s where he started out when he was seventeen; he had at least seven years with the company right now and right now he was the best selling person that brought the most sales and made the most commission for the company. He didn’t have any problem with anyone threatening him because when something would happen he wouldn’t normally tell me he would tell his mom at first because you know sometimes you have a little argument as father and son but he chooses his mother if anything happens to him like a threat but he didn’t say anything. He said he had a good life with this lady and I told him that is very good because I want to see him happy. I’m hearing that it’s the girl’s ex I think he was jealous of the relationship that they started on and he didn’t like to see my son living with her and I don’t really know what to say if he was the one who set up anything and did the retaliation on my son and him. What happened to this family is very serious and I have never known what it feels like to lose a family member that is so close to me, I see a lot of parents going through the same thing and now I’m experiencing what they went through.”

According to Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, police are unaware if Leslie or White were indeed the intended targets.