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Two Areas of Concern Went to the UDP

In yesterday’s election there were several seats that the political enthusiasts were looking at keenly.  Two of those areas were the Pickstock and the Belize Rural North divisions.  In the Pickstock division, the re-elected representative Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington took a lot of flak surrounding the Belize/Guatemala and there were some concerns that he would not be able to deliver a victory for the UDP in that area.  Elrington spoke to the media on his re-election.


“They believe that they can buy elections, that was not George Price’s style. He bought the people through his love and his mission to them. That is a Fonseca/Musa practice to want to buy the voters but if you want to buy the voters you have to do two things, you have to steal from the public and you have to extort the private sector to give you money so that you can give to the public. Neither of those practices I commend and in fact, would want to follow. Everybody knows that I don’t have the money that they were able to give away. My strategy has always been to give to the people everything that the Government provides for them; I don’t take anything for myself and if you are actually building homes for people, giving them toilets for the first time,  sending their children to school, you are employing them …. I have a standing program where I provide for the single mothers, who in the last four years, I have been employing as many as fifty single parents on an everyday basis to do landscaping work. That is the kind of thing people remember when they go to the polls.”

Elrington retained his status in Pickstock after winning by a 78-vote margin.  Major Lloyd Jones was the PUP candidate for Belize Rural North and he had gained much ground in the area as he ran against Edmond ‘Clear the Land’ Castro.  There was the thought that due to the issues coming out of the Belize Airport Authority just last year that Castro may have lost some ground …. But the results proved differently, as he did bring in the seat for the UDP.


“My friends, stay with my people and yes it doesn’t matter what they talk out there or try to bring me down but the Almighty knows best; he knows my heart and he sees the good work that I put in for my people. If you notice the election of yesterday it didn’t matter how much money they brought against me I still came over the top with good numbers. You can’t beat the Rastaman.  Love your people and they will love you back. I work with them, I have been working that division since 2003, five years before I even got elected and I never did stop or miss a beat from helping and serving those people in my constituency. If you notice all of the previous Area Representatives before me; people used to talk about Maxwell Samuels as this strong man. Maxwell Samuels had never won by 200 votes ever in his life. I normally, my numbers if you check the history, are in the hundreds.  So, we continue to serve the people and in return the people will give you back love.”

Jones lost to Castro by a margin of 400 votes while the Belize Progressive Party got one hundred and nineteen votes.