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Two Belize City Residents Displaced in Fire

Two Belize City residents are displaced after both their homes were destroyed by fire last night on Amara Avenue. Sometime after midnight, fifty-nine-year-old George “Ras Head” Griffith was awakened by a sudden din and heat coming from the outside of his bedroom. Upon making checks, he realized that his house was engulfed in flames. Griffith quickly fled with only the clothes on his back. In the process, he received third-degree burns to his head. Love News spoke to Griffith this morning.  

George Griffith, Homeowner

George Griffith, Homeowner: “I was asleep and I heard a lot of commotion. When I woke up and I went into my living room the whole place was engulfed in fire, I had to run through the fire so I sustained some third-degree burns. It started from my neighbor who has a little shop there, at least I have my life. Yes I lost everything, I lost all my work that I do because I’m a glassing technician, all my equipment is gone and all my clothes are burnt. All my appliances are gone too.”

The second victim, whose ten-by-ten-foot house was where the fire actually started, is forty-four-year-old Gilbert Ferguson. According to Supervisor at the National Fire Service Kenneth Mortis, the fire began after Ferguson fell asleep leaving a lit candle unattended. 

Kenneth Mortis, Station Supervisor: “This morning at approximately 12:20 A.M  the National Fire Service received and responded to a call of a fire in progress situated at number Forty Six Amara Avenue. The team arrived on location and observed an elevated wooden structure on fire and adjacent to that was a smaller structure that had already burnt down. After the fire was extinguished we conducted our investigation in which we learned that the fire started from the smaller of the two buildings which as a ten by ten wooden structure occupied at the time by 44-year-old Mr.Gilbert Ferguson. Mr.Ferguson apparently had left a candle lighted in his little ten by ten structure which contributed to the cause of the fire. Due to the close proximity between the two buildings the elevated structure, a twenty-four by twenty-four wooden also caught fire. This particular building we would say suffered approximately forty to fifty percent fire damage, heavy smoke and water damage. I must say that this fire last night wasn’t a fire department effort alone. I must recognize the fact that the civilians and neighbors and occupants of the immediate houses were very helpful in assisting the fire department in containing this fire to just the two structures. Fortunately, no other structure sustained fire damage.”

Neither of the structures was insured. If anyone would like to assist Griffith, he can be reached at 608-8673.