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Two Belizeans Killed in Mexico In Less than Seventy Two Hours

This evening, Love News can finally confirm that two Belizean men were killed in neighbouring Mexico this week. They are 21-year-old, Osmond Joshua Melendez, a Corozal resident and twenty-year-old Norman Haulze of Ladyville Village. The circumstances under which the men were killed is still not clear, but we understand that they came to their tragic end in Cancun with Melendez meeting his demise on Monday and Haulze on Tuesday. According to Belize’s ambassador to Mexico, Oscar Arnold the men’s families have been informed.

Oscar Arnold, Belize’ Ambassador to Mexico: “We are aware of two incidents that took place that allegedly involved Belizeans being shot and killed. The first incident happened on August 24th, Monday August 24th two months to the date from when the last incident occurred in Tulum that individual is allegedly from the Corozal district. His family has been in contact with our officials and they have provided documentation for us to pass on to the Mexican authorities for them to try to identify the body positively. Initially we were asking about an incident that took place on Tuesday thinking that that was the incident but that was a separate incident that happened in the same municipality between the Cancun Airport and Cancun Hotel zone. Then we learned of the other incident that took place on Monday. So those are the two incidents that we know of. Today family members of the second individual of the incident that took place on Tuesday contacted us, they have provided photographs, they have provided physical description of tattoos and distinguishing marks that we’ve also passed on to the Mexican authorities for them to try to definitively say yes this is the person that t hey have in their morgue facility.”

Ambassador Arnold says that while they are still short on official details Mexican authorities believe their deaths are linked the incident to illicit activities.

Oscar Arnold, Belize’ Ambassador to Mexico: “I have seen photographs posted on Mexican news outlets, their social media platform here and I’ve been informed that those have also surfaced in Belize. The second incident on Tuesday is an apparent shootout that took place either between rivals or even with Mexican authorities. At the scene they found a couple of high powered firearms along with many expended shells from high caliber rifles and so it would want to lend the thinking that there was something nefarious that was taking place. The other one on Monday we still have limited information on that. We know it was a shooting and that the individual supposedly was ambushed. In the second incident however there were people who were there, there were two persons that were taken into custody, two other individuals that were shot and are being treated for their injuries and so we’re awaiting the official report from the police as to what that investigation will reveal and then obviously the alleged individual who the only information that we received from the Mexican authorities about the Tuesday incident was that the individual was of dark complexion and so they want to believe that it’s a Belizean. Hopefully with the information that the family has sent to us the police will be able to make a determination whether yes it’s a Belizean or not it doesn’t fit the description and the photographs that we’ve received.”

Ambassador Arnold promised to provide an update as soon as the Embassy receives additional information through its official channels.