Two Brothers Chopped in Altercation in Rural Cayo

Two Brothers Chopped in Altercation in Rural Cayo

Two brothers, including a Police officer, were chopped in an altercation last night in rural Cayo District.  The incident happened in Unitedville as explained by our correspondent, Fem Cruz.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent, Love FM News: A chopping incident in the village of Unitedville in the Cayo district left two brothers hospitalized. The two brothers were identified as Jody Ingram and Police Officer Jerington Ingram. Love news caught up with the mother of both victims, Maria Ingram, who gave us an update.

Maria Ingram, Mother of Victims: “The only part that I know I called my son and he didn’t answer his phone for the first time and the second time when I called again then he answered and said “Mommy I need help because some guys came and attacked me and they want to kill me.” So he told me to tell his father to hurry go and help him. So that’s the same time I went to church and called my husband out of church to go and help my son. And when he reached back there then there was a lot of guys outside chopping him up with machetes and beating up his feet with stones until they broke it. My other son Jody he was at the show grounds but when he got the news when he reached home he got out of the bus and then he ran across the football field to reach where his brother was and when they saw him they started to fight and they couldn’t handle him so one of the sisters they say came and hit him with a bat and I don’t know if he dropped down when they hit him and then the brothers began to chop him up in his head with the machete.”

Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on this matter saying that the officer has since been released from the hospital.

ACP Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding Eastern Division: “Police responded to a chopping incident in Unitedville Cayo district. Upon their arrival they found Jody Ingram a police officer with chop wounds to the head and body and Jerington Ingram with injuries to his face. Investigations revealed that they were at the area at the time when they were attacked by several persons. Jody Ingram was thereafter taken to the KHMH for treatment. He has now been released and is in a stable condition. Several persons are detained and will be charged sometime today for the various crimes they committed. This was the result of a fight that occurred earlier at the show grounds. They had a misunderstanding and the police intervened where persons were spoken to and thereafter this attack happened in Unitedville.”

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