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Two Cab Drivers Murdered in One Weekend in Capital City

Isidro Swarez murderTwo taxi drivers from the Belmopan area were killed this past weekend.  Earlier today correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the second officer in command of the Belmopan formation.

FEM CRUZ:  This past weekend’s murder of 28 year old Isidro Swar and 24 year old Yoni Mas of Belmopan are under active investigation by police. Love News spoke to Second Officer in Command of the Belmopan Police Department Inspector Stephanie Grinage who updated us. 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “On Friday the 8th of January  at about 11:15 pm police responded to a distress call of shots being fired in the area of the George Price Boulevard. On arrival police observed the lifeless body of a young man who was later identified as Isidro Swar, a twenty eight year old Belizean taxi driver of the Salvapan Area. The victim had four gunshot wounds to the body, he was transported to the Western Regional Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. Shortly after the discovery of Swarez’ body quick thinking and coordination by the Belmopan police station personnel and QRT as well as special branch led to the interception of the decease’s taxi in Ontario Village. They set chase and two persons were captured, one escaped leaving behind some ammunition and some rounds. A search on the driver of the vehicle revealed twelve .38 rounds; he was subsequently charged for kept ammunition without a license and the other person who is a minor they are both detained at the Belmopan station awaiting other charges.”  

Fem Cruz, Love Fm: Can you tell us what kind of vehicle both persons were driving? 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “They were driving a maroon taxi belonging to the deceased. It was a rental but he was the driver the car. On Sunday  the 10th of January at about 10 am based on information received of a body in the Mount Pleasant road area police responded. On arrival they saw the lifeless body of a young man identified as Yoni Mas who was reported missing on Thursday. His body was at the are and was awaiting a post mortem as it was decomposing.” 

Fem Cruz, Love Fm: Do you believe that those two murders are related? 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “Our investigators are working tirelessly to see if the murders are related as it is two taxi men and it is believed that the two were friend. They are looking at all angles and trying to establish if these murders were related.”  

Reporter: Have they found the second taxi driver’s vehicle? 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “They haven’t found the vehicle as yet but he was driving a gold Geo Prizm but the vehicle has not been located.” 

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Can you update us on the two persons that were detained? 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “One person, Lincoln Bejarano a twenty five year old Belizean of the Salvapan area. The other individual is a female minor.” 

Fem Cruz, Love Fm: Do you believe that they have something to do with this murder? 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “Like I said shortly after the murder these persons were found in a taxi belonging to the deceased so the investigators are looking at how they came about being in the decease’ taxi, that is what they are looking at now”.  

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Can you update us on the 15 year old student from Valley of Peace that went missing some time last week? 

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Belmopan PD: “At this present time we are liaising with Placencia police as we are of the understanding that the young lady is somewhere in Placencia so we are working with them to see if they are indeed in that area.” 

Yoni Mas murder