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Two Children Drown in Rio On Pools in Separate Incidents

Two children from the United States drowned in the Rio On Pools on Saturday in separate incidents. The first to drown was a boy, about 6 to 7 years old, known as Isaac from Arizona. The boy who was here with his family wore arm floaties but somehow his foot got stuck in between some rocks. We are told that his family along with some law enforcement officers searched for the boy whose body was found hours later. And hours later, eight-year-old Сеrуѕ МасТаggаrt оf Іdаhо drowned. The little girl was in Belize with her family on vacation. Cerys along with her father Joshua, her mother and older brothers were at the Rio On Pools swimming when she drowned. ASP Fitzroy Yearwood shared details.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “San Ignacio police responded to the Rio Frio Caves in the Mt. Pine Ridge area where they spoke to Joshua McTagger who claims that he was with his wife and his three children, his two sons and a seven year old daughter where the two sons went in, asked permission to go and swim in another pool separate from the one where himself, his wife, and his daughter Celis, were swimming and he and his wife were taking pictures when their daughter disappeared. They asked for assistance from other people that were in that area swimming and about an hour later they found the seven year old’s body. A doctor and a nurse, that were in the area also, assisted by administering CPR but the baby was non-responsive so, she was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where her body now awaits a post mortem. He claimed that they recently arrived in Belize on summer vacation and they decided to go to the Rio Frio Caves where this unfortunate incident occurred and took their 7 year old daughter’s life.”

Witnesses of the first incident told Love News that Forest Rangers and BDF soldiers who were there at the scene should have prevented other families from using the pools in light of the first drowning. A statement from the Fores Department warns the public about the risks of swimming in the Mountain Pine Ridge recreational areas. The Forest Department is reviewing all visitor safety protocols to address any potential gaps. In the coming weeks, a public awareness campaign will be initiated to remind visitors of the risks associated with recreation at the sites, as well as safety measures to ensure a safe visitor experience. The Forest Department has launched an internal investigation into both drownings./