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Two convicts will have to wait to know their fate

This morning Justice Colin Williams of the Supreme Court, heard mitigation plea for the two convicts,  42-year-old, Patrick Robateau and 42-year-old, Leslie Pipersburgh. The duo apologized for their actions which took the lives of two security guards, Kevin Alvarez and Fidel Mai. The duo held up and robbed the establishment in July 2002 at Bowen and Bowen office located on Slaughterhouse Road.  Robateau, who is now a Prison Trustee and the CEO’s handyman, told the court that he was sorry for the pain he caused the family of the deceased.  Meanwhile, Leslie told the court he is very grateful for getting off the life sentence he was given upon conviction and his mind can now relax knowing that he will be getting a fix sentence. Additionally, he told the court that he is now ready to lift up himself in society.  Justice Colin Williams also heard from the convicts’ attorney, Hector Guerra who asked the court to set a fix term sentence of 20-30 years upon the convicts. He said the goal is not to lock them up and throw away the keys since the two convicts have made strides to become better citizens. The duo will now their fate on September 18, 2019, when Justice Colin Williams will hand down his judgement.