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Two detained in Dwayne Cummings’ murder investigation

The family of Dwayne Cummings wants answers and investigators are trying to provide just that.  Police say they have detained two persons as they continue to investigate this latest homicide.  Police have brought in additional assistance from Belmopan; their preliminary findings are that Cummings had left the Sports Complex alone shortly after eleven o’clock Saturday night. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, Head of the National Crimes Investigations Branch, says they continue to look at several angles in their investigation.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “We are looking at several surrviellance footage while we continue to look for witnesses. We had also detained several persons where their vehicles were impounded and those vehicles were processed.

Reporter: “Sir was he killed at the location where he was found from what investigators have found so far or was he killed elsewhere? We know he lives nearby and then taken there.”

ACP Joseph Myvett: “We are still trying to determine that. Witnesses in that immediate vicinity reported the sound of gunshots just before the body was discovered. We are in close communication with the family and we have dispatched additional investigators on the ground in order to try and come to a conclusion in relation to this case and bring those responsible to justice.”

Police found a knapsack near Cummings’ body in which they also found all his personal belongings; ruling out robbery as a possible motive. This has left the family and communities even more puzzled as to why Dwayne was killed.  ACP Myvett says murders of persons with reputations like Cummings’ are concerning which is why the department has stepped up its strategic operations and investigations.//////