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Two dies in Orange walk Accident

Two men were killed in a road traffic incident on the San Juan Road in the Orange Walk District.  The incident which occurred about twelve thirty yesterday afternoon, involved a pickup truck and motorcycle.  The driver of the vehicle was Ornan Cortez. Joseph Myvett says the deceased were cousins.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Whilst traveling on the San Juan Rd. he observed a tractor coming rom the opposite direction and just before reaching him he observed two persons on a motorcycle who overtook the tractor and collided into him. According to him he did everything in order to avoid the accident but unfortunately the riders collided into him and were flung from the motorcycle. Upon the Police’s arrival to the scene. Both persons were motionless and they were identified to be Chiro Cob 18 years and Henry Cob 24 years.

Police has still yet to determine whether, Cario Cobb and his cousin Henry Cobb, who were both from San Victor Village in the Orange Walk District, were intoxicated. According to Myvett a blood sample will be taken from both men. As for Cortez he was served with a notice of intended persecution.