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Two families lose everything in fire

Last night, two families, the Gonzalez and the Rosado, lost everything in a fire that occurred on Frederick’s Alley in Belize City.  Love News spoke with Elsa Medina, whose mother and two brothers lived in one of the houses that was destroyed.

Elsa Medina – fire victim’s daughter

“As far as I saw it was from the neighbor downstairs, we just saw the downstairs was engulfed now with the flame by the corner of their wall.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“Ok, so what was your first reaction?”

Elsa Medina – fire victim’s daughter

“To grab my kids and run out of our house now because we are a bit closer to them so the first reaction was to just grab my kids and everyone just go out. I called. I could get through to the fire department so I called 91. When they answered they didn’t take long to come but when they came I mean they came with the equipment and the equipment was not working. It failed on them, they came they said they had water but I’m not sure because I didn’t see any water, they look like they were trying to get water and at the same time their pumps weren’t working so I think our house could have gotten saved if they had the equipment working properly.”

Orin Smith, the Station Manager of the National Fire Service, spoke with the media about the incident.

Orin Smith – Station Manager, National Fire Service

“On arrival on scene, a two-story wooden structure with Zinc roof at #20 Fredrick’s Alley was seen fully engulfed in flames. An adjacent two-story wooden structure, the upper flat of which was also seen on fire. The fire department followed a brief size up, immediately got into operation to try and extinguish the fire. Sometime after the fire was later brought under control and was extinguished. As a result of the fire, the two-story structure at #20 Fredrick’s Alley was destroyed. The upper flat at the structure of #26 Fredrick’s Alley was also destroyed, the lower flat of that building receive some degree of fire damage and water damage as a result of fire extinguishment activities. Preliminary investigations revealed that the fire occurred on the lower flat of the structure at #20 Fredrick’s street. The lower rear of that is of that structure, the cause of which could not have been determined.”

Medina said that her mother’s home was not insured and the cost of the damage has yet to be ascertained. Meanwhile, the Rosado family is not in the country. The Gonzalez family would appreciate any assistance that the public can offer and can be reached at 621-6170 or 615-3805.