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Two Girls Killed During Boat Explosion in Belize City Harbor

Two girls, 8-year-old, Kimberly Guy and 10-year-old, Jamiri Guy, died on Sunday afternoon due to an explosion on a boat they had boarded to take them home to Caye Caulker.  The girls were in the company of their parents and another sibling when the incident occurred at the foot of the Swing Bridge in Belize City.  Fire and Police officials responded to the scene as well as a bomb expert from the Belize Defence Force.  Love FM was at the scene.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: The chaos inside the Ocean Ferry Water Taxi Association in Belize City is more reminiscent of the immediate aftermath of an attack. Shocked passengers, injured victims lying on the ground and heroic people trying to revive victims. You can see passengers applying CPR to one of the victims: one girl on the ground and the other girl on a counter. Firemen, policemen and others tried to help injured people like this visibly scared woman whose foot was busted on the boat. The Police and Ocean Ferry employee took her in a pickup. Some passengers were injured by boat shrapnel as seen ripped shirts and blouses. The scene was quickly cordoned off by the police on both ends of the Swing Bridge and North Front Street. The Captain of the boat was taken by CIB for questioning. Late in the evening they spoke to a passenger who was hurrying to get another water taxi to the islands.”

Tourist – Experienced Explosion on the boat: “So we were on the boat and then just before we were about to leave he started the engine and the engine exploded. I was one of the first out of the boat so I was lucky but then two girls got hurt and I don’t know what happened to the girls so.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “ Were there a lot of people in the boat, was it filled?”

Tourist – Experienced Explosion on the boat: I think there were twenty-five or something.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “Now was there a fire? Were there flames?”

Tourist – Experienced Explosion on the boat: “I was sitting on the side of the boat, I only saw the people that were in the back of the boat flew in front of me and I just jumped out of the boat so I don’t remember. It just got really hot and I ran away. I think I am the person who saw the least of what happened in the boat.

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “Do you know the approximate ages or how young they were?”

Tourist – Experienced Explosion on the boat: “I guess they were eight or nine maybe, not older, two little girls.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “A deathly silence returned to the city harbor as two lives were lost, girls not yet in their teens perished from the explosion. Now we need to know what caused the harbor explosion at Ocean Ferry. Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Love News understands that a preliminary report indicate that the explosion was the result of a built up of liquid petroleum fumes in a compartment beneath the boat.  The step-father, 32-year-old, Jaime Iteriano remains hospitalized while the mother, 27-year-old, Rosalie Catch was treated and released.  The family of five had recently relocated from Progresso Village, Corozal District to the island.  The water jet they were on was slated to leave at three in the afternoon.