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Two house fires in Mahogany Heights, one is suspected to be arson

Fire investigators are looking into the cause of two house fires at Mahogany Heights in the Belize District. ASP Alejandro Cowo says that officers first responded to the fire at around seven o’clock on Wednesday night.

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of C.I.B.: They visited the residence of Ms. Shelly Welch 36 years of age of that same address where a neighbor reported that he was passing on his way home when he observed smoke coming out of the house. As a result he managed to break into the house and extinguish the fire with the help of other neighbors.  At the time the house was un occupied and Ms. Shelly was not present. It was minor damages done to the inside of the house.”

Not very long after that, another fire broke out at another house within the same community. ASP Cowo says they are suspecting arson in this case.

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of C.I.B.: “The residents of Mr. Shane Simon Trap 33 years of that same village was found to have fire damages to one of the rooms and to the front door of the entrance of the building. What Police so far has gathered is that the house is unoccupied and that the owner of the house has moved out  from there about two weeks ago since he suffered gunshot injuries. Now someone went and attempted to put the house on fire but fortunately it was only minor damages done to the house.”

Police say both incidents are not related to each other and the occupants of the houses are also not believed to be familiar with one another.