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Two men charged for Triple Murder

The police department had made a serious commitment to find the killers of of 44-year-old, Alarice Andrewin, a school principal, 39 year old Vidal Yuman and 19-year-old, Maria Delfina Lucas Juarez. Juarez, a Guatemalan national had come to visit her boyfriend Yuman, a naturalized Belizean. The couple were looking for a better life in Belize and were here to find work. They had gone to Andrewin’s home at mile 10 on the George Price Highway when they were accosted by men who killed them. The police instituted a special task force to find the killers and set one of the department’s best investigators, Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero in charge of the case. On Sunday, the department arrested two men 24-year-old, Kyle Aswan Zetina and 18-year-old, Shawn Flores and today they were taken to the Magistrate Court where they were charged with three counts of murder. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and Senior Superintendent Romero briefed the media today on the investigation which they say could not have been successful without the involvement of the community. The motive, according to the police, was mere burglary.

Commissioner of Police Chester WIlliams: “I am proud to say to the nation of Belize that we have arrested and charged two persons in connection with that triple murder at mile 10. I want to say that this is a classic example of the police’s ability to perform our duties, yes we know that we are just at the arresting stage but moving forward with this investigation I have tasked Mr. Romero and I have also spoken to the DPP. What I want Mr. Romero to do is work very closely with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution with this matter. The D.P.P. will be guiding us moving forward to ensure that we put together the best possible case to be able to secure a conviction come trail time.”

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero (Acting) Head NCIB: “These murders were shocking and senseless. We conducted a vigorous investigation which led to the arrest of Kyle Zetina and Shawn Flowers who have now been charged for the triple murder. Our investigation revealed that this all commenced as a result of a burglary. They broke into the house with the intention to steal, thereafter something occurred within the house at which point the three occupants of the house were shot to death. I want to thank the members of the Belize Police Department, the general public who assisted us with this investigation. It was a lot of work, a lot of dedication and at the end of the day we put it all together and have now made these arrests. We move towards locating the suspects and that resulted in their detention which also resulted in the recovery of the firearm we believe was used in the murders. The investigation is ongoing. We still have not recovered the stolen vehicle and again I would like to appeal to the general public for information regarding the stolen vehicle. It has not been recovered, it was last sighted in the Cayo district and thereafter we have not been able to locate the vehicle. We have several other matters we need to follow up on and it is an open investigation and those will be followed up as we go along.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “ Other than the firearm which we believe was used in the commission of the crime, we have also recovered the license plate of the vehicle as well as some items that we believe were stolen from Ms. Andrewin’s home during the burglary so those have also been recovered and indeed we will not divulge too much but I can’t tell you that the persons who committed this crime, they blundered and we were able to capitalize on that. That is as far as we will go where that is concerned.”

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero (Acting) Head NCIB: “ They had come in contact with law enforcement before, One of them was recently released from prison and they had also been charged before for various crimes. They have been charged prior to robbery, burglary, and theft.”

Reporter: “Other than the vehicle what items were burglarized from Ms. Andrewins home?”

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero (Acting) Head NCIB: “It was miscellaneous items, I will not go into the details of each one but they are miscellaneous items that were taken from the house.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “I know that there are many critics, some who are saying that the police might only be making an arrest to appease the public. I want to say that you all know my track record, I don’t arrest to appease people. I have been criticized in the past because the public believes that the police should arrest and I say no because we do not believe that there is evidence. Once there is not sufficient evidence I would never direct my officers to charge and I don’t care who is making noise. The courts do not work to appease people, the court works on the evidence so we only charge where there is evidence. In this case we are satisfied that we have the right people, we are satisfied with the evidence that we have. Yes as Mr. Romero has said we are still tying a few loose ends together and we will continue to work to see if these two people who have been charged have any connection to other persons but at this time the investigation has not revealed any. It is a work in progress and we continue to pursue those different angles. Yes as I have said we have sufficient evidence to prove that they did it meaning the burglary, the killing and the stealing of the vehicle, we have sufficient evidence to prove that. There are several factors that could cause that to occur and yes in the initial stage of the investigation when the post mortem result was released and it revealed that she got two and the other got one, yes it did raise some concerns that she may have been targeted and that concern has been answered during this investigation. We know how she got two and the other got one but I am not going to divulge that to the public.

The police say that the next step will be a ballistics test to compare expended shells found at the scene of the triple homicide to the firearm they have apprehended from the suspects Zetina and Flores. Other than arrests for previous crimes, Zetina is known as a construction worker from Mahogany Heights while Flores is a labourer from Sunset Park. After their formal charge in court, they were remanded to the Belize Central Prison.   At 3:45 this evening that the two suspects were escorted by police into Court #1 to be arraign before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. No plea was taken from either of the accused men. Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser explained to them that she was ensuring they understood the charge of murder read to them and that due to the nature of the offense, no plea taken and they were remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until July 29, 2019.