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Two Men Detained for City Shooting

This evening around five o’clock there was a shoot out on Vernon Street where it is suspected that one male individual from a gang fired shots at another male individual from a rival gang. The police have apprehended two people who they suspect to be the intended victim and the shooter. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was on scene and spoke with Love News.


“Well from what we have been made to understand is that there were two individuals who had an encounter on Mopan Street and one of the individuals took out a firearm and fired two shots at the other one but thankfully he missed. Police were in the area and responded immediately and they saw the suspect running away with the firearm in his hands and he was pursued by the police and police fired warning shots at him but he did not stop. He eventually made good his escape but was later on apprehended by the police in the nearby area. Currently we have the person who was the intended victim who we are trying to get a statement from at this time in respect to the incident and we also have the suspect who actually fired those shots at the individual so we have both persons with us and we will continue our investigations from there.”

Williams also spoke about the presumed motive behind the shooting.


“Within this area we have a division, there was one gang, the Mayflower Gang, and that has now split into two where you now have the Banak Street and the Mayflower gang so apparently it’s a dispute between the two. We had been doing our best to see how we could mitigate things between the two factions and it has been working and we will see what we can do as of today to be able to find out what went wrong between the two of them so that we can see how we could mend fences between them to avoid this kind of incident in this area. I would want to think it is and we will be dialoguing with the group on what we can do to assist in mending the disputes between them. That process is already underway and I must say that I have a good relationship with both factions and I am sure that the relationship I have with them we will be able to assist in mending whatever currently exists between the two groups.”

Police are still processing the scene to find the weapon used in the shooting.