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Two men and one minor injured in separate shootings

Police are also investigating two other shooting incidents. The first happened shortly after six o’clock on Wednesday evening. ASP Cowo said that a child was also injured in the incident.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head, CIB Belize City

“Nicholi Rhys was walking at the corner of Prince Street and East Canal when he was approached by a male person who fired several shots at his direction. He received a graze to the top of the head, he was admitted to the hospital and was treated and released on the same night. Police at the scene found several expended shells and also found a .9 glock pistol in the area with an empty magazine. Also whilst police were dealing with the scene they encountered a minor who had also received a graze ot his leg however he was treated and he is presently at his home. We suspect that it is a retaliation of the previous shooting that has been happening in the same vicinity. Yes there are mobile patrols in almost all of those areas, George Street has a foot patrol and a mobile patrol within that same area and there are other patrols within Wagner’s Lane, Taylor’s Alley and Conch Shell Bay that are covering that entire area so that we can at least stop what is happening at this moment.”

Police say Rhys was the only person on the street at the time of the shooting; therefore, they suspect he was the intended target. The minor who was grazed was inside his family’s yard when he was injured. Police do not have any suspect at this time. ASP Cowo says the second shooting happened on North Front Street shortly after.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head, CIB Belize City

“Minutes later we had another shooting on North Front Street. It was some time just after 8PM. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed Aaron Avilez with apparent gunshot wounds to the chest and hand area. What we understand is that he was exiting from a barbershop on North Front Street when he was suddenly approached by a male person again who fired several shots at his direction causing the injuries that he received. He was admitted to the hospital in a stable condition and I believe that he has just been discharged from the hospital. Police checked the area and no expended shells were recovered from the scene.”

Police say the shooting is related to the first shooting incident on Prince Street. Police have no suspect at the time.