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Two men shot in deadly attack but survive; police don’t know who was the target

Across the country there were violent incidents over the weekend and spanned into the western part of the country. Two men were shot in Roaring Creek Village but survived. Dalila Ical travelled west and filed this report.

Dalilah Ical: “A lone gunman opened fire upon a group of people that were gathered at Tim’s Shop located just a few hundred yards from the Police station in Roaring Creek Village. It happened around 11 o’clock on Friday night. The hail of bullets scattered the crowd as they fled to safety. There were no casualties but two men were hit and another two we understand were grazed. Both persons along with about five other persons were standing in front of the establishment when a dark skin male persons wearing a grey hooded jacket came from beside the building and fired towards the direction.”

Dalilah Ical: “29 year old Abner Morales was hit in the back of his right leg and 33 year old Celio Ogaldez was hit in his left arm. Ogaldez told told Love News’s Fem Cruz that he was out buying food.”

Celio Ogaldez: “I decided to go back to the Chiney to purchase a plate of food and while awaiting the food someone just came and opened fire and one caught me in my left arm. Presently my arm is feeling okay but I have the bullet lodged inside and the doctor is just waiting for the swelling to subside and then a surgical procedure will be done to remove the bullet. When I heard the shots I thought it was pop shot, I didn’t know it was an actual firearm.”

Dalilah Ical: “Ogaldez’s wife Tracey Garbutt says she believes her husband was hit by a bullet that ricocheted off the wall and into his arm.”

Tracey Garbutt: He went to get some chicken and some beers because this Saturday was my birthday and so he went out to get some food to eat and I went out there and I told him to stay home and he went back out and five minutes later he got shot.”

Dalilah Ical: “Did he tell you what happened?”

Tracey Garbutt: “No he didn’t he just said that he was going out there and then he got shot, he probably said that he didn’t see anybody. He got shot in his left arm and his condition is stable, he just came out of surgery today at about 1 o’clock. They removed the bullet so everything is well and he is supposed to be there a couple of days and then will be coming home.”

Reporter: “Do you believe that he was the target or a victim of a stray bullet?”

Tracey Garbutt: “ Victim of stray bullet, he was not the target, No.”

Reporter: “Wrong place, wrong time. He doesn’t have any beef with anybody since we moved down here, he has no problem with no one.”

Dalilah Ical: “He has no fear for no one in his life at the moment?”

Tracey Garbutt: “Well I don’t think so I don’t believe he should have fear when he doesn’t do anything wrong. He just goes to work and come home, have a little beer every now and again and that’s about it.”

Dalilah Ical: The men have undergone surgery and the bullets have been removed. Morales’s sister Marian Morales says she has no reason to believe that anyone is after her brother.”

Marian Morales: “He just said that he was standing around and he heard somebody yell gunman and he said by the time he could have even moved he was already on the ground. He got the first shot and I am pretty sure that he was not the intended target. I know he doesn’t have any issues with anyone so we are not sure as to what happened.”

Reporter: “Do you believe in wrong place or the wrong company?”

Marian Morales: “More than likely yes that’s the conclusion we have come to at this moment.”

Reporter: “Where was he hit?”

Marian Moralez: “I am guessing on the buttocks because the bullet entry is there but it damaged his femur in his leg.”

Daliah Ical: That is not affecting his walking or anything? “
Marian Moralez: Well they told us within six months and with therapy and after his surgery he will be able to walk again.”

Dalilah Ical: “Two other men were injured in the shooting but we understand that none have come forward to file a report. According to additional reports the gunman was seen at a bus stop located a short distance from the shop before the shooting. Dalilah Ical Love News.”

According to family members, none of the men are acquainted with each other. Police are still working to ascertain who was the intended target and why. They are seeking one person for questioning.