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Two men shot on Fabers road

Another shooting occurred on Faber’s Road shortly before seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Herman Ramsey and Clive Arnold were reportedly walking when Trevor Guy took out a gun and shot them. They are both in the hospital in a stable condition. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams says the shooting was not gang related.

Chester Williams: That incident took place sometime after 6am on Sunday morning and Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Arnold were in the company of another male person and apparently there was a dispute between the trio and that dispute resulted in one of them Trevor Guy who actually took out a firearm and fired shots at both persons and they received varying degrees of injuries and are currently admitted in the hospital in a stable condition. We are currently pursuing Mr. Guy and I will say that that incident is not gang related; these people are friends they are family members and when things like that occur it is not things that the police can do anything to prevent because we could never know what is brewing between friends or family members.

The individuals involved are said to be relatives and one of the victims may press charges. However the police says it is their job to press charges.

Chester Williams: That will be a matter for them to decide we have obtained statements from one of the victims and based one of those statements one Mr.Guy is apprehended, he will be charged and taken to court for attempted murder so if later on down the road they chose to do otherwise that is between them and the court but we will be pressing forward with the charges.