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Two Mid-Afternoon Murders Leave 19 and 20 Year Old Dead

The gang warfare in Belize City has claimed two lives in one afternoon.  The first incident occurred sometime after two o clock this afternoon where twenty year old Tevin Palmer was executedDevin Parham inside a friend’s house on Castle Street. A witness spoke to Love News and told us at the time of the incident, she was outside when she heard three shots, followed by a pause and then a further three shots. She saw three men ride off from the scene just before a woman ran out of the house crying. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams held a press conference late this evening on the incident.


“Police swift response to that matter have lead to the detention of a suspect with a 9mm pistol. He is currently in custody and the police investigation continues.”

Within a couple hours, nine teen year old Devin Parham was gunned down on Cemetery Road. Assistant Commissioner of Police  Chester Williams says that the murders are  gang related and are linked back to the shooting of Geovanni Gentle.


“Mr. Parham that I know who was killed today as far as I know him he was a person who hangs out at 123rd I do not know of him to be involved in gang; yes around him do have a number of persons who are associated with criminal gangs but to say that he was I don’t know so I will not tell you that he was a member of a gang so I will not tell you that he was a member of a gang but like you rightly said we do believe that the shooting of Parham was a retaliation as a result of the shooting that took place on Castle Street just minutes earlier. The suspect that we have in custody is from Castle Street. You know that north side always say that people come from South Side go there and create crime? well North Side men come on south side and create crime too because the suspect is from north side but he is affiliated with the George Street Gang. After we had a shooting on Friday night whereby Mr.Gentle was shot on Regent Street West we had no intervention and we believe that the shooting today on Castle Street was a retaliation of the shooting of Gentle. So you can see now the importance of the intervention for the critics who want to sit and say that the intervention are killing out the young men that is not so, interventions do work and yes there is a situation now that need to be dealt with. I believe that both murders will be solved, the one on north side and the one on south side. For the one on north side I am sure that the officers on north side will give you more details but they know who did it and we already have some of those suspects in custody and they will be handed over to north side and like I said the one that took place on South Side we actually caught the suspect just after the act with his gun and we have witnesses as  well who have given statements so in both cases we are making great inroads so both of them will be solved and those perpetrators will be sent to prison but we still have to ensure that we do the relevant mediation to be able to quell the situation because it can get worse and like you said there might be chaos then and we do not want to reach a chaotic situation.”

Love News spoke to the sister of Devin Parham, Melanie Parham.


“When I started telling my brother he just began to laugh. When I told him to come home minutes later after I cut off the phone we heard gunshots but I screamed out because I knew he said that he was almost home but when we were going neighbors were telling me it was my little brother and then we saw him on the ground. People sometimes have no heart. If you know who killed him deal with them because he is innocent. Yes I understand that they are enemies but how would it feel for us to kill one of them the same way. I’m not saying he is innocent. They say when they die with their face down they know their killer but like I said we would never get any justice, we didn’t get for the first one, we will just leave everything in God’s hands. All I can say is that my brother died happy, everybody who wanted him dead – he is dead now and it’s just that.”

Parham was shot less than a block away from his home.