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Two more UDP Ministers to appear before Senate Special Select Committee

Minister Manuel Heredia Junior is scheduled to appear before the Senate Select Committee tomorrow. He was served a summons last Thursday and he says he is prepared to answer questions by committee members. Heredia says he does not deliver applications anymore. And as for what sort of behaviour we can expect from him after the display which his cabinet colleagues put on last week Wednesday, Heredia says he will be polite, if committee members are as well.

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism
“Honestly I believe this has turned to be something more political but the reality as far as I am concerned the Auditor General had already said that what had appeared about myself, Mr. Montero and a few others that after her findings it became clear that there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Our job was to recommend it’s not only theHammoud family that I have assisted in making sure that recommending or probably checking to see the status of their application and so I have done it for hundreds of Central Americans from every part of Central America, expats that are living over here and they qualified they asked me for a recommendation I will do it. If they are polite and they are asking questions in a mannerly way like that I would be very polite but if they try to pretend that I have committed any kind of corruption….

“ You’re going to get in the mud with them too..

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism
“ No, if they tell me that I am corrupted I know a few of them that there is evidence that they have been corrupt, with me there is no evidence up to now that I have been involved in corruption.

Minister Rene Montero is also scheduled to appear on Wednesday before the Senate Select Committee.