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Two persons die in road traffic accident

Angelica Cruz reporting…

“On Sunday evening August 16 sometime around 5:37pm, Belmopan police responded to a traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway between miles 50 and 51. Upon arrival at the scene, they saw a grey 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavour SUV overturned on its left side on the right hand side of the highway extensively damaged. Love News understands that the driver of the vehicle, Marvin Zuniga was on his way back home to Salvapan after socializing at the Sibun River and just before reaching the Belmopan garbage dump about six and a half miles out of Belmopan, apparently something went wrong that caused the driver to overturn several times. Travelling along with him were 8 year old Arianne Rodriguez a resident of San Jose Village, Orange Walk District who received serious head and body injuries and died on the spot. 12 year old Lizette Martinez received two fractured legs and a large cut wound to the top of the head. She also succumbed to her injuries. Amir Rodriguez received a large cut wound to his head and a fractured arm. 9 year old Gabriel Martinez received a cut wound to the right side of the face, bruises to his forehead and complained of pain to his right leg. Stephanie Rodriguez who received head and body injuries and a fractured right leg, 14 year old Manuel Martinez received a fractured left arm facial injuries, cut wounds and bruises to both legs. Graceilla Martinez who received a cut wound to the right side of the head, Leonella Martinez who received head and body injuries. 15 year old Tirrelly Martinez who received abrasions to the legs and 32 year old Claudia O’brien of Salvapan who received head and body injuries. Amir Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez and Stephanie Rodriguez were all transferred to the KHMH. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident, police investigation continues.