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Two more persons disappear without a trace

In the south, a 17-year-old minor from Middle Sex Village has also disappeared without a trace. The last time family members saw 17-year-old Amanda Naeli Sho was on the 9th of December. On Monday, her mother Jacoba Sho told the police that she received a call from her son Lorenzo Sho at 6 a.m. on Sunday telling her she was missing.  Amanda Sho is a five feet tall Maya teen who weighs about 160 pounds.  Police are investigating that case as well as that of a man who has disappeared from the Orange Walk District. 71-year-old Tessa Obrien, a resident of Trial Farm, told the police that the caretaker of her farm, Arturo Gomez has vanished without a trace. Gomez lives on her farm in San Luis Village.  He is a Mexican National who is five feet tall and weighs 120 pounds.