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Two Persons Injured in Cayo Traffic Accident

A former PUP City Councillor and her family were involved in a road traffic incident leaving two of the six passengers seriously injured. Forty-four-year-old, Rachel Montejo was traveling east from San Ignacio Town along with her sister, Lucinda and their children when Rachel reportedly lost control of the vehicle. The gold Chevy Converse landed in a ditch just pass the Orange Gallery on the George Price Highway. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: A road traffic accident on the George Price Highway near the Orange Gallery just after five yesterday evening left five adults and an eight year old child injured. Love News understands that all six females were on their way from San Ignacio Town heading toward Unitedville Village when the driver lost control of the SUV they were travelling in and collided into a culvert head. Love News spoke to the first person that arrived at the scene minutes after.

Witness: “About five thirty I was in my yard and I heard a loud bang and when I came out I saw on the highway an SUV, a gold in color vehicle was parked on the left hand side inside the drain and I saw about six people lying on the road but a large crowd was there already and they started to take them out of the vehicle. The ambulance came from Spanish Lookout and they took them to Belmopan side and before some other people were here and they took the other crowd to San Ignacio.”

Lucinda Montejo and her daughter received serious injuries. Lucinda has since come out of surgery, but her condition is being closely monitored. We will keep following this story.