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Two PG Cops Nabbed for Extortion

Two police officers in the Toledo District have been charged with extortion and are facing a number of disciplinary charges. The charges follow a report made by a school principal of Toledo. The Principal says that on Tuesday August 8, police at a checkpoint in Punta Gorda Town notified her that her insurance was expired and that she would consequently be arrested and charged. When at the police station, she alleges that woman police constable Jenny Tanner told her that due to the severity of the offense that her vehicle would be impounded and her driver’s licence revoked. WPC Tanner then suggested that she should settle financially with the police. A second officer arrived, Police Constable Arden Jones, who was at the checkpoint when the Principal was intercepted. Jones, according to reports, asked her how much she was willing to pay, to which she replied, three hundred dollars. Jones then reportedly allowed the woman to go to the ATM to withdraw the money after which she returned and handed him four hundred dollars. The officers then released her without charges. The woman immediately reported the matter to the officer Commanding the Toledo Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Clement Cacho. The Commander immediately recovered the money from PC Jones. He and WPC Tanner have since been charged for extortion. They have been arraigned at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court where they pled not guilty. They were offered bail in the sum of three thousand dollars and are to reappear in court on October 18. Police say the duo will also be facing several other disciplinary charges.