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Two police officers detained after a murder suspect reportedly escaped their custody

An inspector and a constable have been detained in connection with the case of Derrick Ramirez, the man who had gone missing after he went diving with relatives near Cross Caye. The plot in this story thickens, since the two police officers, one of whom is Ramirez’s brother, have reportedly lost the main suspect in this case. We use the term “lost” loosely, as Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, fears the worse has happened to the suspect at the hands of the officers. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, gave us more details of how the suspects were initially captured, and what the officers are claiming.

A.C.P. Joseph Myvett: “On yesterday’s date whilst Coast Guard are a part of the operation they handed over to police three detained persons from their base over at Long caye which is a short distance away from Cross Caye. Those people were then brought onto Cross Caye by the police and in so doing one of those persons who was considered to be the main suspect concerning Derrick Ramirez missing was removed from the other two prisoners by two police officers being an Inspector and a Constable to conduct a field interview. As a result those officers then returned to the team a few minutes later indicating that that person whom they had taken one Oscar Williams Jr. had escaped from them so as a result of that he too is being searched for.”

The ComPol said that the officers are currently being investigated both criminally and internally. As it is, the inspector is currently on administrative leave. ComPol Williams explained the disciplinary charges that the two officers will face.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “May I say as well that the Inspector in question who took Oscar Williams from the other officers and where the other detainees were is the brother of missing Ramirez and so there is a clear conflict of interest where that is concerned. As far as we are concerned administratively the Inspector should have not been a part of that investigating team. Nonetheless he was a part of the team and they ventured into something that is totally contrary to administrative policies. I must say that we cannot understand how a prisoner could escape from police on an island and from what we have been briefed if it is that the prisoner was handcuffed. There are many discrepancies in their story, many red flags and so we are dealing with this investigation very seriously. The Inspector and the Constable are detained currently and they are being interviewed just like any ordinary prisoners and if it is that at the end of their forty-eight hours we are unable to unroot or unearth any evidence to charge them criminally with anything they will be dealt with internally in the interim. Internally we are looking at one allowing a prisoner to escape from lawful custody and two bringing the Department into disrepute. The Constable has been placed on disciplinary charges for those two offenses as well. You will know that as Commissioner I can allow or direct that the Constable be charged. When it comes to the Inspector it has to go the Services Commission so our legal office is in full operation ensuring that we are putting together the relevant documents to submit to the Services Commission as early as Monday of next week to begin with the process where the Inspector is concerned.”

If the investigation reveals that the suspect, Oscar Williams, had in fact been killed, the ComPol said that the officers will be faced with more charges. According to him as well, the other officers on the caye reported that they heard screaming but no gunshots./////////