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Two prisoners escaped from Independence Police

Earlier this week, we told you that three prisoners, 31-year-old, Rafael Mencias; 23-year-old, Wilser Echeverria and 28-year-old, Christian Neal had escaped from the block factory site on the prison compound. Since then two have been captured, but Christian Neal remains at large. There were two more prisoners that escaped, this time, it was not from the Belize Central Prison, but from Independence Police Station. ACP Joseph Myvett, the Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch, told the media that the prisoners escaped from police custody on Tuesday night sometime between 6:30 and 6:45.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Independence police made checks on their detention cell where prisoners Gregory Flowers 26 and Clinton Coleman 36 were detained pending an investigation. As a result, they observed that the lock from the detention cell was damaged and both persons had made good their escape. In that regard, an internal investigation is being carried out by the Professional Standards Branch to determine whether or not there was any negligence on the part of the officers leading to the escape. So far both persons have not yet been recaptured but are being sought. One was detained pending investigation of theft whilst the other was detained in relation to a burglary.”

Late this evening, police officers notified us that Gregory Flowers has been captured but Clinton Coleman remains at large.