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Two San Pedro men missing

Police may have reasons to believe that two men of Ambergris Caye were killed.  Correspondent Jorge Aldana has the story to two men, Melvin Montecino and Silverio Cal, who were reported missing and yet to be located.

George Aldana – Reporter: “Authorities in San Pedro Caye are investigating a possible double murder after they found the properties of two missing individuals with blood stains and what appears to be a gunshot on one of the items. Police on the island say that on Thursday, June 13th they received a missing person report for 26-year-old Melvin Alexander Montecino, a Belizean tour guide. According to the report Montecino left on a motorcycle with another individual known only as Ketchi around 9 on Thursday morning. Since then family members have not seen or heard of neither Montecino or Ketchi. Searches have since been conducted on Northern Ambergris Caye and on Saturday, June 15th a search team found black slippers and part of the motorcycle mirror with blood. Some twenty feet off the road eleven miles north of San Pedro Town in the Habanero area of the island; further into the bushes about one hundred feet from the road police came across a black motorcycle helmet with blood stains and what appears to be a single gunshot to the back of the helmet. The helmet has since been identified as the one Ketchi was wearing on the day he went for Montecino. Police have collected blood swabs from the items as a part of the investigation. While police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of both men they believe that they may be looking at a double murder, however, they are yet to find the two men. This is not the first time people have gone missing on the northern portion of Ambergris Caye. In the previous incidence, the dead remains have been found  days after in shallow graves. Northern Ambergris Caye is also known as a hotspot for criminal and illicit activities. Reporting for Love News from San Pedro Town I am George Aldana.”

Police are also looking for 15-year-old, Shaniece Ramirez.  Not much details have been shared but we are following the story./////