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Two Security Guards Shot, one killed. Was it a Hit?

41-year-old, Marcia Talbert and Manza Baptist reported to work as security guards and only had a few hours left before they were to go home.  They didn’t make it home as planned, however, as one of them was killed and the other hospitalized.  Here is the story.

Jose Sanchez: “Two security guards were ambushed and shot at Bowen and Bowen Crystal Bottle Company in Ladyville Sunday morning. Mansa Baptist was found clinging to life about sixty yards from Marcia Talbert’s body.  She was dead inside the booth at the entrance of the compound. Talbert’s sister Ethel says that she had only worked a year for Cerberus Security, a member of the Roe Group of companies.”

Ethel Garcia – Sister: “Marcia was a jovial person, liked to make fun, sometimes we call her the mischief maker, sometimes she is the peacemaker but all in all she makes everyone laugh. She was a fun loving person and did not have any enemies.”

Jose Sanchez: “How long has she been working with this security company Cerberus?”

Ethel Garcia – Sister: About a year, I think April will make a year.”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: “Just before four in the morning Ladyville police visited the Coca Cola Warehouse inside of the Bowen and Bowen compound located on the BDF Road where at the entrance of the gate about two yards away from the gate there is a small security booth. Inside of the booth police found the motionless body of a female person who was later identified as Marcia Sherie Talbert, a security guard for Bowen and Bowen. About  sixty feet away from her there was another guy by the name of Mansa Baptist also lying on the ground with apparent gunshot wounds to his body. What police believe is that whilst they were conducting their security work inside of the Bowen and Bowen compound persons entered from behind the fence from the BDF camp and as a result proceeded and fired the shot at the two persons causing the death of Ms Tabert and injuring Mr. Baptist.”

Jose Sanchez: “The Police Department is looking at a dispute Talbert had with a factory employee.”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: The building was checked, there is no sign of entry into any of the buildings inside the compound and what we understand so far is that she had been recently receiving threats in regards to some dispute at work. That is one of the possible motives that we are looking at, at this moment with the employees at Bowne and Bowen. We cannot tell you exactly if it is two, three, four persons but we know that it is more than one person.

Reporter: And were they in a vehicle?”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: I cannot tell you at this time if they were in a vehicle.”

Jose Sanchez: “Any security cameras on the compound? Is Bowen cooperating?”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: Yes, we are getting full support from the persons from there. Yes, there are surveillance cameras in the areas.”

Jose Sanchez: “When it comes to her work I think there was an issue she had with a Bowen employee?”

Ethel Garcia – Sister:Well, we didn’t know about that issue until after she died, then we heard that someone was threatening her concerning that issue there. We did not know about that before.”

Jose Sanchez: “Would it have been like her to inform the family of a threat if she felt it was serious?”

Ethel Garcia – Sister: “We did not know about it, none of the family members.”

Jose Sanchez: “Talbert and her husband had separated, he had  after passed away. That led to a court issue because upon his death she became the executor of his estate. That too has the attention of the police.”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB:  Well yes, I am aware that her husband passed away I think about three months now. There was some dispute among the family members as to the estate that the man left behind as he at the time of his death was living with someone else and not with the deceased. I know that they were going through some legal dispute in the court in regard to the estate that the man left behind.”

Reporter: “She was supposed to appear in court this week, am I right?

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: I believe so, that is another angle we are looking at.”

Jose Sanchez: “Her husband passed away recently?”

Ethel Garcia – Sister: Yes her husband passed away maybe a month and a half ago. They did not divorce so there was some issue with his asset.”

Jose Sanchez:With the woman that he was with now as well?”

Ethel Garcia – Sister:I am not sure if it was the woman but I think because they weren’t divorced his asset was still in her name and they were going through the court as far as I know.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you have your own suspicions, your own doubts?

Ethel Garcia – Sister:Well, I have my own suspicions but I won’t say that, we are just trying to cope. We want to know exactly why she was killed because she wasn’t a person who messed with anybody. She did not have any enemies as far as we know pertaining up to these two incidents that we understand now but before that she didn’t have anything with anybody. She was a good softball player, she is a team player, she was very jovial as I said. She did not have any enemies as far as we know.”

Jose Sanchez: “There was nothing stolen from the compound except a life. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

With several leads, investigators are yet to determine a motive into this latest homicide.