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Two Separate Shooting Incidents During Christmas Weekend

On Christmas Day Belize City Police under the Command of ACP Chester Williams who is in charge of Eastern Division South, responded to reports of shots being fired on Police Street. Upon arrival on the scene, officers were informed that the victim, a student, Phillip Elijio was shot to the foot and rushed to the KHMH, treated and released the following day. ACP Williams told us more.


“The information is that two persons passed by on separate bicycles one of whom fired shots in the direction of the victim which caused the injuries.”


“Do you all know what motivated this?”


“Well we are still trying to ascertain that, the victim is a student at ACC and we have no information of him being involved in any gang activity and so we are still trying to find out if indeed her was the person who was the intended target but the investigation continues, we have no motive at this time “

The following day, on Monday December 26, police responded to a shooting on Wagner’s Lane.


“Upon responding they were told again that the victim had been transported to the hospital. They later found out that the victim to be one Byron Geffords and he suffered gunshot wounds to the hand, he is currently admitted in the hospital in a stable condition I did not receive any information of the police being shot at as you are saying and the information is that the suspects are two male persons on separate bicycles and yes they were seen fleeing the area by the police and the police did pursue them but did not get  them, they managed to escape we have one of those persons in custody as we speak and our investigation continues.”