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Two sisters hacked to death

The double murder of two sisters in southern Belize has sent shockwaves throughout the country. Seventeen year old Josephine Oh and nineteen year old Crisencia Oh were found dead at around 11 o’clock last night in the Village of San Jose, Toledo District. The mutilated bodies of the young Mayan women were found about two miles off the road to San Jose Village. The Oh sisters are originally from the Village of San Antonio and had travelled to San Jose for a church service. This morning, Head of Belize City’s Crime Investigation Branch, A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo briefed the media.


“Last night sometime after 10:30 or minutes to eleven Punta Gorda Police visited San Jose village in the Toledo district where on the road side they observed the nude bodies of two females, one is a minor with several apparent chop wounds to the body. What we have so far is that the females are from San Antonio Village and they had gone to San Jose to attend a church service. There after the church service they had visited their brother and whilst going back to their village it was then that they were brutally attacked and the bodies were later found by police. It is a remote village and the communication with the officers there and the other officers in the town is kind of difficult so that is where we have a little problem. We are just basing on what we initially got from them early this morning but we have not received an update because of the distance. I cannot tell you if any part of the body was dismembered but I know it is very huge chop wounds that both victims have.”

The Oh family in San Antonio Village has no idea why anyone would want to kill Crisencia and Josephine Oh. Our colleagues from PGTV spoke with their brother, Mario Oh.


“Church was finished. I had a brother right here living in San Jose. Now when the church was finished they went to my brother because they wanted to send something with them and according to my other sister she stayed in the church, she didn’t leave with them but according to them they were waiting but they didn’t arrive. They didn’t know if they were coming back or no because they said that they were going through Santa Cruz. After that when they left at three. They went with the Mennonite truck and when they reached there, as they were coming back they didn’t show up again.”


 “So you don’t have any idea why somebody would want to kill your sisters?”


“I have no idea of that. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about them.”

No motive has been established and police are looking for one person of San Jose Village for questioning.