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Two sought for Mcfoy murder

Police are looking for two men from Hattieville Village as they continue to investigate the shooting death of Owen Eugene Mcfoy. The 30-year-old man was shot several times around nine o’clock on Tuesday night while he socialized with family and friends at a neighbor’s house in the Windmill Area of Hattieville Village. Police say the group was watching a basketball game outside in the yard when a male person approached them and fired shots at Mcfoy, killing him.
ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “We cannot directly say he was the target but he was amongst a group of male persons. The motive we are still trying to establish what can be the direct cause and motive of that shooting. We have certain information that at this moment we will not share with the media. We are looking for two male persons from the same Hattieville area.”

Hattieville police have increased patrols in the Windmill Area due to increase of shootings there.