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Two Stabbings Reported in the West

Aside from the shootings in Western Belize, there were also two separate stabbing incidents. The first one occurred on Saturday night on the Agriculture and Trade Show grounds. Love news spoke to Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett who told us about the two incidents.


“On Saturday night almost 12 am we received information of a fight near the back entrance to the National Agricultural and Trade Show grounds that is the one nearest to the Roaring Creek bridge. We did confirm that there was a fight because there was a male person who is known to us as Jamie Torres, he is from Teakettle Village, he was stabbed to the head and neck and like in the previous case he discharged himself from the hospital and is not requesting court action but as we know in these cases these people at times would want retaliation when they don’t’ want police to get involved to take the matter to court. We will be intervening as a form of mediation to deescalate the tension between him and the other guy. We also understand but we haven’t confirmed that the other person who was involved in the fight was also injured he never visited the hospital and he has not visited the police station.”

The other stabbing occurred on Sunday night. Police are unable to locate the victim but are trying to locate him.


“I can confirm that there was an incident we don’t know the condition of the victim because he discharged himself from the hospital without making any formal report to the police, we’ve been trying to locate him but we are told by relatives of him that he is not interested in taking the matter to court but we want to get behind it because when we see cases like this by our experience there is always room for retaliation and we wouldn’t want that to occur so we want to be involved to mediate and to descalate the tension that may be existent between the two parties.”

Police investigation continues in these incidents.