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Two teenage boys gunned down in Belmopan

About three hours before Adamir’s body was found, two Belmopan boys were murdered in the San Martin area.  The killer is said to be an 18-year-old, who was accompanied by his 13-year-old brother. This is another tragedy that has shaken the security of residents in the capital city.  Reporter Courtney Menzies has this story as well.

Herman Valllderaz, 16 years old and Gruver Delgado 17 years old,  two teenagers with their whole lives in front of them viciously gunned down by a man whom they barely knew. The two cousins who were more like brothers since they lived together were delivering tortillas to Delgado’s father’s church fundraiser when they were killed. Valladarez’s sister told us about the last time she saw the teens at her mother’s tortilla shop.
Valladerez’s sister: “As they crossed the two houses where the man, the accused was living and my auntie said that he practically just ran to his house and put something on his pants as she didn’t know what it was. So they ran and passed through the bridge on the creek side the man just ran behind them and knocked over my little brother. As my auntie screamed the man just shot him. He went running behind the other one, my cousin,  and then he wanted to go into the house in front of my auntie so the man just closed the door to his face, he didn’t have any chance to run back to his sister. So as he tried to run to his sister the man just shot him one time and he fell to the ground and then when he shot him again which is the shot that he got on his forehead he fell down.”
Reporter: The teens were shot right in front of their aunt and little cousins. The cousins tried to help but the killer turned the gun on them. According to Valladarez’s sister the kids are still traumatized and their mother is seeking professional help for them. The family is still trying to come to terms with why the victims were targeted.
Valladarez’s sister: “I know they had problems outside but it wouldn’t be the reason to kill them right ? He came to rent there, three days now. Tell me if you came to rent for three days you would at least wait two months to say they had problems with him but no, only three days they had been living there.”
Reporter: Delgado’s father also recounted the moment he heard about his son’s death. 
Father of Delgado: “We were selling barbecue to recover some funds for the church when I received a call from my sister telling me ‘Manuel. Manuel, they killed your son.’ So I left everything with the pastor there and I took my car and then I went to where the accident happened. When I reached there I saw the police and the ambulance but when I got there they already had my son and nenphew’s body in the ambulance so I couldn’t see anything or how that thing happened. So I rushed to the hospital and I waited to see what would happen. The doctor tried his best to see if they could save the life of my son but he couldn’t make it. They killed me son.”
Valladerez and Delgado had graduated some three years ago and were working odd jobs. The families are now left to mourn two of their loved ones.

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